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We are a company providing solutions using natural remedies to corporate wellness.


We facilitate empowerment and excellence through corporate wellness using natural remedies.


To be a global leading brand in providing solutions using natural remedies to corporate wellness.

Our Story

You can say that Cinta Herbs & Co. was born out of desperation. The experience of being involved in the corporate world has allowed us to witness the impact of the challenging economic climate has on the body and minds especially after the oil crisis in 2016. Companies were forced to cut down on their costs in many ways e.g. cost reduction by imposing economy travel etc., travel plans are to be maximised (at times with little or less recovery period) before actually starting their tasks at an assigned location, not to mention the challenges having to adapt to climate changes, jetlagged or for those who work across boundaries, working around the clock at different time zones.

At Cinta Herbs & Co, we are always looking for ways using plant-based remedies to help others to be present “body” and “mind” in the different roles that we carry out in our lives whether be in a personal or professional capacity.

Our products are meant to help support users who need to cope with the strenuous and sometimes unforgiving work and life schedules, customised to the different and specific needs.

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