These are the most common examples of challenges faced by travellers (be it by car or flight):

  • Flight delayed (long waiting hours)
  • Jet lag
  • Travel fatigue
  • Headache and sleepiness (due to low oxygen)
  • Poor blood circulation due to limited space.
  • Lower back pain, joint stiffness and muscle tightness due to long hours of sitting.

For business travellers, these challenges may have an impact on their work performance and may cause a down time to allow recovery which may also impact important decision makings.

Our newly released Foot Spray series Refresh No 1 and Revive No 2 are meant to help travellers cope with these challenges to allow a quick recovery with less downtime.

How does our product help travellers?

REFRESH Foot Spray #1

Suitable for those embarking on a long journey where movements are limited. The ingredients were carefully selected to provide an uplifting and invigorating effect that helps calm travellers during their travels, delays, multiple layovers, long queue at the airport or even in a traffic congestion in a car.

It helps lessen the strain to the knee whilst confined to a limit sitting position during a journey. The application of Refresh No 1 allows its user to undertake more activities over a longer period of time providing a lasting energy.

Top Tips – Best to use before a long journey or during layovers or before long hours of walking and standing.

How To Use It? – Spray directly onto knees, legs and sole of feet as well as at the lower back.

REVIVE Foot Spray #2

Suitable for those who wish to recover from their long journey or any activities that requires long hours of standing or walking, travellers in need of a quality sleep. It helps shorten the recovery period from the long journey by providing relaxation to the body and mind, has a calming effect, relieves those strained knees from being confined to a sitting position for a long period of time, relieves strained muscles and helps with cramps.

Top Tips – Best to use AFTER a long journey or AFTER long hours of standing or walking.

How To Use It? – Spray directly onto knees, legs and sole of feet as well as at the lower back.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about our products: Click here

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