What are the most common challenges in a dynamic corporate organization?

These are a list of common examples:

  • tight deadlines
  • working different time zones
  • long hours of meetings
  • stiff shoulders
  • back ache
  • poor blood circulation on the legs due to long hours of sitting at work
  • stressed

Our newly released Foot spray series Refresh No 1 and Revive No 2 are meant to help support the body and mind and restore balance for the challenging week ahead.

How does our product help create a productive workplace??

REFRESH Foot Spray #1

The ingredients were carefully selected to provide an uplifting and invigorating effect that helps calm users when facing tight deadlines, multiple meetings, stress at work. It also helps with back aches, strained on the knee for sitting too long or for those who are on their feet during most working hours, Refresh No 1 helps relieve those strained muscles and allows its users to undertake more activities over a longer period of time providing a lasting energy.

Top Tips – Best to use in the morning before heading to work or for those who work shifts before commencing your shift.

How To Use It? – Spray directly onto knees, legs and sole of feet as well as at the lower back.

REVIVE Foot Spray #2

Provides relaxation to the body and mind, relieves those strained knees and strained muscles , helps with cramps. It provides the needful recovery that the body and mind need to face further challenges at work by allowing quality sleep and a calming effect to one’s body and mind.

Top Tips – Best to use AFTER a long day at work before bedtime.

How To Use It? – Spray directly onto knees, legs and sole of feet as well as at the lower back and shoulder blades.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about our products: Click here

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