Frequently asked questions

1. Can the foot spray be applied on other parts of the body other than feet and legs?

Yes, it can be used at the relevant areas (save for the eye area) e.g. lower back for those who sits long hours in front of the computer.

2. How do we store the foot spray?

The Foot Spray series are to be kept away from any direct sunlight.

3. Can one get “immune” towards the Footspray and that it may work for the first few times and on a different occasion it takes longer to work?

With the use of plants, herbs, oils and spices the experience may vary depending on individuals as well as the state that they are in at that time (especially if they are sick).   The outcome could vary.

4. What is the difference between Refresh No 1 and Revive No 2? When do we use Refresh No 1 and when do we use Revive No 2?

Refresh No 1 is usually used during DAYTIME or any time before one embark on a long travel or undertake any strenuous physical activities or when one has to work shifts.  Revive No 2 is usually used before sleeping or when in need of a calming effect and usually used during NIGHT TIME.  The calming effect may cause sleepiness.    

5. Will I get dependant on the Foot Spray Series once I start using them?

Cinta Herbs & Co. products are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment.  Our products are meant to help support the body and restore its balance.  Once balance is achieved, one may decide not to use it too frequently.

6. How does the Foot spray series help the special needs or the elderly parents and their caregivers?

You can’t pour from an empty cup.  As caregivers, one must take time to care for themselves. Caregiving can be very stressful and often leads to anxiety and frustration.   Therefore it is the more reason that the caregivers must take time to care for themselves. Refresh No 1 helps to uplift the mind and relieve the stress of caregivers whilst providing them with lasting energy to care for the special needs or their elderly parents.  Revive No 2 is widely used to provide a calming effect to the special needs or elderly parents that helps also provides quality sleep.  With quality sleep, users wake up feeling fresh, calmer and this experience help them to have a better day.

7. I have a child within the autism spectrum disorder, how do I use the Foot Spray series to help calm him or at least help him get some quality sleep. He does not have quality sleep and will wake up feeling tired and easily irritated.

You can use Revive No 2 at the sole of his feet, his lower back up until his neck and shoulder blades and his collar bones.

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