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Creating A Productive Workplace

What are the most common challenges in a dynamic corporate organization? These are a list of common examples: tight deadlines working different time zones long hours of meetings stiff shoulders back ache poor blood circulation on the legs due to long hours of...

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Corporate Wellness and Jet Lag Recovery with Natural Remedies

The Guide to Travelling With Kids

No one knows your child better than you do despite the countless of articles that you may have read about how to have a stress-free travel written by numerous authors. Sometimes it is about knowing your child the likes and dislikes and combining it with a bit of...

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Coping With Long Distance Travel

These are the most common examples of challenges faced by travellers (be it by car or flight): Flight delayed (long waiting hours) Jet lag Travel fatigue Headache and sleepiness (due to low oxygen) Poor blood circulation due to limited space. Lower back pain, joint...

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Corporate Wellness and Jet Lag Recovery with Natural Remedies

Planning Your Travel Checklist

In 2019 itself, there is at least 7 extended weekends with either Friday or Monday being declared as a holiday in Malaysia. Malaysian would certainly know what this means. Airports will be crowded providing opportunity to travellers for a quick getaway. You can...

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