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Longhaul travel can be tough.

Travelling to new destinations are meant to be exciting.
However how are you supposed to enjoy your travel if you suffer from travel fatigue or drained of energy? Or if you are travelling for business, how will you be able to represent your company successfully at meetings or events or crucial negotiations when you are tired, unable to focus or sleepy?

Refresh Foot Spray

For travellers who wish to embark on long journey and also those engaging in physical activities. Refresh Foot Spray provides an uplifting invigorating effect on the body and mind.

Price: RM35.00

Revive Foot Spray

Specially created to allow “restoration” or “recharge” for those travellers whom have just embarked on a long journey or physical activities. Revive Foot Spray provides a relaxing effect to those strenous muscle.

Price: RM35.00

Foot Spray Series

How does it works?


Shake the bottle and open it


Spray directly onto your knees, legs and feet.


Get productive

Why our product is everyone’s favorite?


Our products are made with best natural ingredients to stimulate presence of the body and mind.


Our products are compact and made travel friendly, always within your reach wherever you go.


Our products are created for those on the go, easy to use to combat travel fatigue and jet lag.

Customer Testimonials

I love the Foot Soak & Foot Spray from Cinta Herbs & Co. I’m very active in sports doing marathons, hiking, triathlon and often get sores on my legs and feet. One of the things that I’ll definitely do will be giving myself a foot soak using their tea blends because it’ll relieve the sore and make me feel more relax. I also use them when I feel stress or even sometimes when I feel depress because somehow it’ll make me feel relax. I’ll probably classified these products as ‘I love myself more’ products. Try them!

Faith Lin

President, Rotary Club Tebrau Johor